Clearikon™ Wound Care & Skin Healing Now Available on

Clearikon™ Topical Therapy (Topical Green™ and Topical Gold™) and its antimicrobial skin cleanser (ClearSpray™) is now featured on the Walmart® Marketplace,

Now when you’re shopping online at for all your other household items, you can easily add the Clearikon™ all natural first aid kit, which includes Topical Green™ and ClearSpray™. also carries Clearikon™ all natural equine products, which can also be used for cat and dog wound care. Clearikon™ products are plant-based, and drug-, steroid-, and prescription-free.

“Being accepted by Walmart® to be on its Marketplace is a big deal and will be a huge convenience for our customers,” says Clearikon™ CEO Karl Zawoy.

“We understand many people are stretched for time, and if they can purchase their Clearikon™ products while they’re buying other household or grocery items, they save valuable time. We’re simply pleased we can accommodate their hectic lifestyle,” he says.

Just type “Clearikon” in the search window and enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping.

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