Clearikon™ Topical Gold™: Best Antioxidant Skin Care

Finding the best antioxidant skin care routine in a society full of chemicals can be challenging. The natural ingredients used by Clearikon™ in its Topical Gold™ skin healing cream are of the finest caliber.

Our formulas are free of medicines, harmful chemicals, and petroleum. They are free of alcohol, artificial fragrance, parabens, and benzalkonium chloride.

 A substantial body of peer-reviewed research backs each ingredient. In addition to replenishing the skin, Topical Gold™ for skin and body care also rejuvenates the body by using topical therapy.

Clearikon™ Topical Gold™ is formulated with all-natural plant-based ingredients, including lemon balm and frankincense oil. It is a true relaxation cream, soothing the mind and body, and is frequently used as a relaxation massage cream.

In addition, substances found in frankincense may hold a variety of health benefits. Controlling bleeding, hastening wound healing, improving oral health, combating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and improving uterine health are among them.

Frankincense also promotes skin healing with the ability to strengthen and improve skin tone, elasticity, and defense mechanisms against bacteria and blemishes.

Research and customer experience shows the Clearikon™ Topical Gold™ and Topical Green™ topical creams may help with many other skin healing issues, including contact dermatitis, candida skin rash, diaper rash, and acne.

See our topical products research for more information or simply contact us.

Here’s to your health!

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