Customer Testimonials

The content you are about to see may contain graphic images including blood and open wounds. Viewer discretion is advised.

Wound Healing Reviews

Clearikon products are all natural and have worked wonders for our customers! Check out the glowing skin and wound healing reviews below shared by many satisfied customers.


Toe & Foot Wound

Product Used: Topical Green

I had an infection in my bunion/toe since February. It was not healing even with 3 rounds of antibiotics & was really painful. I started using the Clearikon less than 2 weeks ago. About 3 days ago the pain was less & most of the swelling was gone so my foot & toe looked almost normal. I saw the Podiatrist today & for the first time was unable to get any drainage out of any open wound as most had closed. He remarked it appeared to be healing & I don't need to see him for a month instead of the regular 2 weeks.
Thanks for the Clearikon,

Elizabeth B. - May 23rd, 2022


Nose Surgery

Product Used: Topical Green

I started applying Clearikon Topical Green the day stitches were removed, 2 weeks after surgery. I applied to area down the top of my nose 2-3 times a day. I have NO VISIBLE SCAR! Amazing product! 👍

Robin B. - June 8, 2021


Healed Bed Sores

Product Used: Topical Green

Great product!

My husband is paralyzed and can not walk. He is in a wheelchair or bed and started developing painful bed sores and pressure sores. As soon as we started using Clearikon the sores healed up and he stopped complaining of pain. Thank you Clearikon!! 

Laura R. - October 26, 2021


ClearSpray – Back Wound

Product Used: ClearSpray Disinfectant 

My mother is 97 soon to be 98. She had a pilonidal cyst that was never taken care of.  When she arrived at our home it had burst about 6 months prior and nothing was done about it because of covid and NY State regulations on senior apartments   She came to rehab with us and I started to get wound care for her. The fistula was 1.5 cm deep and the probe could touch the coccyx.   She was placed on antibiotics because she had two different infections. I started using the spray on the wound and within 3 weeks we were seeing the wound starting to heal. After 1 month the depth was down to 0.5 cm and the infection was gone. Now it has been 2 months and she is being discharged from wound care and the fistula is slowly closing up. Great product to decrease bacteria.

Nancy A. – May 19, 2021


Diaper Rash

Product Used: Topical Green

"Topical Green worked wonders to heal my 1 year old's horrible diaper rash! Before Topical Green, we were so desperate. It got so bad that the skin was breaking in spots and we had to take him to the pediatrician. We tried everything we could including zinc oxide cream, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and no diaper (which was not fun). My son was also having a terrible time sleeping from the pain which meant I was too. Nothing worked fast enough until Topical Green. It knocked it out and I saw results overnight! Now if I see diaper rash starting up, I put Topical Green on him before his nap and before he goes to bed for the night and by morning it is either gone or mostly cleared up!"

Danielle H. – March 16, 2021


ClearSpray Disinfectant – Moldy Garage

Product Used: ClearSpray Disinfectant and Fogger

"Our carpeted garage had a mold problem from Florida's humidity and heat. I got sick twice from the mold and it coated everything in the garage. We wound up having to throw a bunch of our stuff away. We had the carpet professionally cleaned and then used the Clearikon fogger and disinfectant products to fog the garage and clean items that we kept. The fogger was easy to use and saved me so much time. It got into the crevices of items and surfaces that would have been hard to wipe by hand. I love that the disinfectant was natural and did not leave a sticky residue behind. Now my garage is cleaner than the rest of my house!"

Danielle H. – March 16, 2021


Recluse Spider Bite

Product Used: Topical Green

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on my right thumb, it started necrotizing the skin all around the area of the bite. Nothing worked until I started using topical green. Within a week it had completely healed and now I have a normal looking thumb.  – Elaine B. - November 25, 2021


Surgical Site Scar Healed

Product Used: Topical Green

Patient, Elaine B. had surgery on January 6, 2020. I had a major allergic reaction to the glue the doctor used to close my abdomen after colon surgery. I used the topical green on the area, within a day it had cooled the stinging down and the itching. Within a few days after the first use the wound had started healing, within 2 weeks it was completely healed.

Elaine B.- January 20, 2021

Burnt Hand

Product Used: Topical Green

“Thank you so much for a great product. I recently burnt the top of my hand on the oven rack and it got infected. I didn’t want to use antibiotics so I tried polysporin but that didn’t do much and I still had swelling, pain and redness. I was at the therapeutic hemp shop with my friend and I noticed the info card on the table while I was waiting for her and read it. I asked the young man working about it, and he told me about it and looked at my hand and said that it would help 100%. I bought it and I must tell you I was amazed at my hand in the morning. It is the best $30 I have spent in a long time. I will always have some in the house now. Thanks again. A very satisfied customer in Victoria BC, Canada.”

Pat - 11/8/16


Skeptic Turns Convert 

Product Used: Topical Green

“I admit I was a little skeptical at first and wondered if the claims were for real. So I decided to put the balm [Clearikon Topical Green] to the test on my new wound. After trying it for a month, I knew it was for me. Not only did it decrease my painful burn sensations, I noticed it also started to heal my wound and minimize the scarring. Now I use my balm all over – dry lips, cuts, headaches, leg cramps. I call it magical balm.”
—Anonymous -  5/17/16

Excellent Results On Inflammation, Scarring and Pain Relief

“I had major knee surgery done recently, used the cream [Clearikon Topical Green] for two weeks, my pain, inflammation, and post-surgery scarring gone!!”

Angela -  5/2/16

Product Used: Topical Green

Product Used: Topical Green

Sunburn Relief Using Topical Green
“Top Shelf Topicals [Clearikon Topical Green] worked amazing on my sunburn!!! I ended up with a bad sunburn on the top of both of my feet during my last vacation, when I applied Top Shelf Topicals [Clearikon Topical Green] ointment to the area the burning sensation went away. I was able to wear my regular shoes and socks again with no pain. I definitely recommend using this product and it will ALWAYS travel with me.”

Paola -  4/6/16

Psoriasis Vastly Improved After 6 Weeks

Product Used: Topical Green

“I have had psoriasis for 6 years and i have tried every ointment, cream, steroid cream and have had little or no success in treating the problem. I started to use your Top Shelf Topicals [Clearikon Topical Green] about 6 weeks ago and have had a vast improvement with my psoriasis, to the point where it is almost gone on my arms and face. I highly recommended this to people I know with the same problem.”

Don N. -  4/6/16

Helped with Post-Surgery Inflammation, Scarring, and Pain Relief 

“Two weeks using Therapeutic Healing Cream [Clearikon Topical Green]. Inflammation and Scarring gone!” - 4/6/16


Product Used: Topical Green

Children’s Eczema Virtually Eliminated

“My Children’s eczema which caused rashes and scaly skin has virtually been eliminated with the use of this cream [Clearikon Topical Green] within two weeks!!”

Anonymous -  4/6/16

Product Used: Topical Green