• Clearikon offers all natural first aid with the best wound care products for horses, people & dogs & cats. A mix of topical therapy, with the best burn cream, & disinfectant spray that's an antimicrobial cleaner enables chronic wound healing & equine care

From Disinfectants & Chronic Wound Treatment to Relaxing Creams and Baths, Clearikon™ Helps You Thrive!

Welcome to ClearikonHealth.com…we believe maintaining and improving health is a natural goal— we should strive to achieve with natural remedies—for ourselves, our families, and the animals we love.

We apply the science of nature so you can thrive in healthWe offer you products free of prescription drugs, steroids, and antibiotics. For more than four years, our team worked diligently with physicians, veterinarians, and our strategic partners to develop and test natural topicals and spray products to work in synergy with your body.

Clearikon™ provides innovative, proper wound and skin care (including pet wound care) and accelerates healing.

We partner with like-minded people who share our passion for products simple to use, diverse in application, and painless to apply, all made with the environment in mind.

Explore our site and experience the benefits of Clearikon™.