How to Get Rid of Dog Odor with ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser

We love our dogs but not their odor or bad breath! Try ClearSpray, the 100% natural way to help! Learn more about how ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser can help you and your pet on our blog!

Do you love your dog but not the way he smells?

If your dog has a persistent or unpleasant odor, it may be more than just a cosmetic issue. It could be a sign of a health problem, such as a skin infection, ear infection, dental problem, or digestive disorder. Some of these conditions can be serious and require veterinary attention, so don’t ignore your dog’s smell.

ClearSpray Helps Improve Odor and Health

Fortunately, there is a natural and effective way to help your dog smell better and improve his health at the same time with ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser. ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser is a medical-grade cleansing spray that can be used on your dog’s skin, coat, ears, mouth, and paws.

ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser can help your dog with various odor-causing skin infections. If your dog has redness, itching, scaling, hair loss, or foul-smelling discharge on his skin, he may have a bacterial or fungal infection. These infections can be caused by allergies, parasites, hormonal imbalances, or environmental factors. ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser can help to cleanse and heal the infected areas, reduce inflammation, and prevent recurrence.

ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser can also help with bad breath by freshening and cleansing your dog's mouth.

100% Natural Ingredients

ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients, mainly hypochlorous acid, which is a substance produced by your own immune system to fight infections. Hypochlorous acid is safe, gentle, and non-toxic for humans and animals.

Product Features:

  • Medical-grade antimicrobial cleansing spray
  • Free from fragrance, parabens, triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, and alcohol
  • Available in 2 oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16 oz spray bottles
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Cleans skin or surfaces without the use of harsh alcohols
  • Oxygenates to promote natural hydration and leave skin soft

How To Use ClearSpray

Using ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser on your dog is easy! Simply spray it directly on the affected area or use a cotton ball or gauze pad to apply it gently.

Try It Out

ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser is available in different sizes and packages to suit your needs at

For more information, check out our ClearSpray Product Information page.

If you want to give your dog the best natural care for his odor and health problems, try Clearikon's ClearSpray Antimicrobial Cleanser today. You will be amazed by the results and get ready to enjoy a cleaner, fresher, and happier dog!

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