Clearikon™: Horse Wound Infection Treatment

Veterinarians around the country are quickly finding Clearikon Equine Therapy™ Topical Green™, combined with Clearikon™ ClearSpray™, is a powerful drug-free, steroid-free protocol for treating infected horse wounds.

The wound management involves a four-step process as the plant-based Topical Green™ works with the all-natural, equine wound spray, ClearSpray, healing horse wounds and skin.

ClearSpray™ disinfectants the wound by destroying established bacterial colonies and biofilms commonly spread by flies and other contaminants.

The topical therapy provided by Topical Green™ soothes the wound to reduce pain while accelerating wound healing:

  1. Irrigate and clean the wound area.
  2. Spray ClearSpray™ solution directly on the wound.
  3. Apply Topical Green to a non-stick bandage.
  4. Apply bandage to the wound for protection.

The results are rapid and dramatic; see actual outcomes here. Clearikon Equine Therapy™ is also effective proud flesh treatment.

Clearikon™ animal wound care products heal dog flesh wounds and cat wounds, as well as healing horses. They work in synergy with the animal’s body for quick healing of the skin. 

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