Introducing Clearikon Health!

Our Products Help People and Their Pets

Introducing Clearikon Health
We are excited to announce our website, where you can find out more about our innovative products for skin care and skin repair for people and their pets.

Formulated With Natural Ingredients

    We are passionate about plant-based, natural topical products that are simple to use, diverse in application, and always free of antibiotics, steroids, and prescription drugs. Whether you need a first aid burn cream, eczema ointment, or a treatment for a non-healing surgical wound, we have the solution for you.

    Check out Topical Green™ and ClearSpray Disinfectant™! They are two of our most popular products for sale and work together to disinfect and heal wounds, limit bacterial growth, and promote skin healing. They contain high-quality, natural ingredients such as hemp oil, lemon balm oil, coconut oil, and more.

    You can also check out our Clearikon Touchless Bandage, our revolutionary product currently in development that creates a protective barrier over wounds without touching them. It is ideal for hard-to-reach areas, sensitive skin, and animals.

      Our Customers Say It The Best

      We invite you to take a look at the testimonials from our satisfied customers. Their words and images speak for themselves. 

      Research-Based Products

      Our products are based on extensive research and peer-reviewed scientific publications that represent a ground-breaking advancement in innovative skin care.

      We hope you enjoy our website and our products. Thank you for choosing Clearikon!

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