Clearikon™ Receives Patent on Revolutionary Wound Healing Bandage

Clear Care Products, Inc., Clearikon™, recently announced the issuance of a US patent on its Touchless Transparent Bandage and Tourniquet System.

The Clearikon™ Touchless Transparent Bandage and Tourniquet System features an integrated wicking system and side ports for fluid drainage and drug and gas delivery, which helps accelerate chronic wound healing and saves healthcare providers valuable time.

The Clearikon™ bandage can be used for all forms of wound repair, from surgical wound healing to wound care for diabetic foot ulcers. Physicians and nurses will be able to view the wound through the bandage’s transparent dome allowing for wound care treatment without removing the bandage.

No longer required to change bandages frequently to assess the wound healing progress, healthcare workers will save time and supplies

The Clearikon™ bandage is specifically designed to manage fluid handling, absorption, and breathability to improve skin healing time with less pain and at a lower cost per patient. 

“We’re developing multiple versions of the bandage for the human and veterinary markets,” says Karl R. Zawoy, CEO.

The company is currently developing various prototypes for clinical trials and submission to the FDA. 

You can learn more by referencing the issued patent here: US10912679B2

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