Clearikon™ Introduces Natural First Aid Kit

Clearikon™ recently introduced its convenient, all-natural first aid kit, featuring Topical Green™ and ClearSpray™. The kit is ideal when you need a first aid burn cream, eczema ointment, or to treat a non-healing surgical wound.

Topical Green™ and ClearSpray™ Antimicrobial Cleanser are designed to be used together. They contain all-natural ingredients that limit bacterial growth and promote skin healing without antibiotics, steroids, or prescription medications.


Made with the Science Your Body Naturally Uses to Accelerate Infected Wound Healing

Each ingredient is based on extensive, methodical research and peer-­reviewed scientific publications. The results represent a ground-breaking advancement in innovative skin care. Topical Green™ and ClearSpray™ together provide safe and effective solutions to skin wounds, slow healing wounds and irritations.

ClearSpray™ disinfects wounds by destroying bacterial colonies, while Topical Green™ enables the body to absorb necessary nutrients to heal the wound. Your skin quickly regains its natural look and vitality.

With the Clearikon™ Natural First Aid Kit, you’ll:

  • Disinfect safely and pain-free
  • Heal skin quickly
  • Watch scars virtually disappear

The kit comes in either a five- or 10-pack option, which includes five (or 10) individual Topical Green™ packets, a two- or four-ounce bottle of ClearSpray™ and a syringe for easy dosing.

Shop for the Natural First Aid Kit here, and see testimonials and research at

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