• Clearikon offers all natural first aid with the best wound care products for horses, people & dogs & cats. A mix of topical therapy, with the best burn cream, & disinfectant spray that's an antimicrobial cleaner enables chronic wound healing & equine care

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We create innovative products to accelerate wound healing and improve the quality of care for patients worldwide.

We partner with like-minded people who share our passion for products simple to use, diverse in application, and painless to apply, all made with the environment in mind.

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For Veterinary Professionals:
Do you want to be part of a new breed of Equine Innovation and Wound Healing?

Imagine not worrying about virus spread in clinics, barns, or stalls, or quickly healing a festering wound or soft-tissue injury without drugs, steroids, or antibiotics… Now you can with Clearikon Equine Therapy Products.

Clean and disinfect barns and stalls with Clearikon Equine Therapy’s ClearSpray disinfecting products that kill staph, E.coli, MRSA, C.diff., EHV-1, Rotavirus, and Coronavirus in 10 minutes and are
• Made from catalyzed sea water
• Safe
• Natural
• EPA-registered and FDA-approved

Heal Acute, Chronic, and Complicated Wounds with Clearikon Equine Therapy’s First Aid Kit
• Plant based
• Reduces pain
• Promotes healing
• Drug free

Ask about our revolutionary patented Touchless Bandage. Monitor and treat the wound without removing the bandage. It’s a game changer.

We are currently looking for Veterinarians to try our revolutionary products and for Distributors who want to offer innovative solutions to their customers.

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