Portable Sprayers

Clearikon™ Portable Sprayers deliver ClearSpray Disinfectant to your home and business as a Hospital Grade Disinfectant to disinfect bacteria, fungi and viruses within 10 minutes. ClearSpray Disinfectant is strong enough for hospital use yet and effective on all the rooms and surfaces of your home and business including large enclosed public arenas. 

ClearSpray Disinfectant is a natural, powerful medical-grade antimicrobial cleansing spray without detergents or other chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, parabens, triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, bleach or alcohol. Unlike like bleach or hydrogen peroxide, both products ClearSpray does not stain or destroy fabrics and surfaces. 

ClearSpray Disinfectant is:

  • EPA Registered as a Hospital Grade Disinfectant
  • FDA approved for sanitizing applications
  • USDA 7 CFR 205.601 approved for food processing applications

Our portable sprayers can deliver ClearSpray as a fog or charged electrostatic spray.