Clearikon Sprayer - Hand Held Battery Operated
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Clearikon Sprayer - Hand Held Battery Operated

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Disinfection Sprayer Kit. Comes with Sprayer, Two (2) Lithium Ion Batteries, Charger, and Carrying Case.  Used for applying disinfectant in large areas such as lobbies, hallways, classrooms, bathroom, and conference/training rooms.


12” tall

11.75” long

5” at widest point


5 lbs (with solution)

Spraying Time:

Fully charged battery sprays for 35 minutes (100 minute recharge time)

Tank Capacity:

     37 ounces

Flow Rate:

                      Approx. 1 oz every 1.4 minutes (84 seconds)

                    Covers approx. 120 sq. ft. per minute