Clearikon ClearSpray Cleaner & Degreaser - 1 Quart

Clearikon ClearSpray Cleaner & Degreaser - 1 Quart

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Clearikon Cleaner & Degreaser™

Do you want to clean the inside of your refrigerator without smelling fumes? What about your oven? Clean a spot off of your couch? How about clean your high traffic rug? Our Clearikon Cleaner & Degreaser can do just that! With absolutely no scent, clean with confidence knowing that you aren't exposing loved ones to fragrant chemicals.

Strong enough for a hospital and gentle enough for your home!


  • Clear
  • Odorless
  • Bio-degradable
  • Ready to use
  • No phosphates or SLS
  • No fragrance or coloring
  • No residue left
  • Safe for plumbing and septic systems
  • Safe around people and animals

Ingredients: Sodium Hydroxide ≤ 0.05%,

Other Ingredients: Electrolyzed Water