Skin and Body Care

 Topical Gold for Skin and Body Care replenishes skin and revitalizes the body. Our customers use Topical Gold as a morning and evening moisturizer and soothing cream for massage therapy. 

  • All-Natural Plant Based Ingredients
  • Fragrance of Lemon Balm and Frankincense Oil
  • Helps Relax the Body and Relieve Muscle Spasms
  • No Chemicals, Antibiotics, Steroids, or Petroleum
  • Formulation Based on Extensive Research

Our Oak Bay Botanicals Bath Bombs are made from pure ingredients and premium essential oils. Our Bath bombs elevate, rejuvenate and soothing your skin. We offer a variety aromas to promote positive energy, ease  stress, tension and worry, replacing them with revitalizing feelings of optimism and relaxation.

Clearikon uses the highest quality natural ingredients. We do not use drugs, toxic chemicals, or petroleum in our formulations. Our products are free from fragrance, parabens, triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, and alcohol.

Each ingredient is based on extensive scientific research and peer reviewed scientific publications.