Clearikon attended the AAEP Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas








Karl and Carolyn Zawoy attended the American Association of Equine Practitioners Conference  (AAEP’s 68th Annual Convention) in culture-rich San Antonio, Texas held on November 18-21, 2022.

We had a wonderful time meeting a diverse group of Equine Veterinarians and  potential distributors for our products. We especially connected with the non-profit community dedicated to helping and improving the lives of horses, mules,  donkeys, and other animals as well. Their stories of service were especially inspiring.

We found there is a real need in the animal community for healing and cleansing products without antibiotics, steroids, and prescription drugs or harsh chemicals. Horse owners now have a non-prescription first line of wound treatment with our Equine First Aid Kits and disinfecting products.

We also introduced the the Equine Veterinarians and potential distributors to our new Clearikon Touchless Bandage. Many people were very excited about our bandage and can't wait to try it on their animals. 

We look forward to working with the dozens of veterinarians and distributors we met at the conference.

Happy Holidays! 

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